Sherman Fleming

visual artist




Fractal design illusatrations




Arrow and Coffeewalker are from a series of fractal design illusatrations that chronicle
a changing Washington, DC. The perspective of these images is downward to
emphasize the urbaness of the images. Also, for me, in DC I never look up, the
buildings' truncated height may have a lot to do with my line of sight, hence, I'm more
looking down than I would in other cities and that's what makes DC unique,
so, I'm trying to capture that feeling.


The Websteršs Series




The Webster's Series draw on images that are visually read through the interpretive frames of the word "nigger" and its derivations as found in the 1913 edition of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. The compositions, produced in gouache and watercolor and whose assembled images are culled from the early 20th century editions of National Geographic attempt to illustrate the potency of the words, while, at the same time, reveal their psychological subtext.