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I am using Flash software with lots of hands on frame by frame tempo finesse.

There are 94 movies on the site, so here are some links to a few selections from the last year-

Very Recent

Luce Center, Shadow Play, Marian Sea, Mother Hubbard, Late Holiday, I Forgot, 4 Play,

& Letters

Comic Relief

Shit Happens 1, 2, 3, MudMan, Lost My Head, My Vacation, Dream On, Homer

More Like Story

Moonstruck, NochtNocht, Star Tripping, Humpty Dumpty, Pest Control, Oh Shit, & REM

And Circumstances is one of those short intros I keep fooling around with.

Other recent movies are in the first two galleries, and the rest is the best from what came before.

Sources are my drawings, photographs, and what passes for life.

The audio is a mixture of my own compositions and also sound effects from and compositions by Stephen Whealton and Bob Pence, edited by me for my pictures.

Robyn Johnson-Ross

August 2013

Robyn Johnson-Ross Animations